On August 12, 2015, the Dallas City Council voted unanimously to approve the following resolution amendment regarding the Trinity Parkway and Trinity Lakes funding. The amendment was proposed by Councilmember Adam McGough.

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Introducing T.R.U.E. Team
Trinity Watershed Management is looking for volunteers to become part of the Trinity River Urban Environment (T.R.U.E.) Team. Members will get a chance to be outdoors and help continue the mission of restorative work in the Trinity River corridor.

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Trinity River Corridor Bond Program Expenditures
The City and its local, state and federal partners have undertaken a number of projects in and around the Trinity River Corridor since the 1998 bond program. These projects include planning, design and construction activities for flood control, recreation, transportation, environmental restoration, and economic development. In addition to the City’s bond funds, our partners have provided over $1 billion in funding for projects that have been completed or are underway. The City of Dallas memo and a summary of the funding allocations and expenditures are available online:

City of Dallas Trinity River Corridor Bond Program Expenditures Memo
City of Dallas Wins Five CLIDE Awards Presented by North Central Texas Council of Governments
Congratulations to the City of Dallas for receiving five prestigious awards from the North Texas Council of Governments (NCTCOG) at their general assembly held on June 18. Celebrating Leadership in Development Excellence (CLIDE) awards was created in 2003 to encourage innovative development projects and practices to assist in accommodating the 4.1 million new residents anticipated in North Texas between today and 2040.

Congratulations on Five CLIDE Awards
U. S. Army Corps of Engineers (Corps) Sign Record of Decision (ROD)
U. S. Army Corps of Engineers (Corps) Sign Record of Decision (ROD) Jo-Ellen Darcy, Assistant Secretary of the Army for Civil Works, signed the Modified Dallas Floodway Project Record of Decision. This is a major milestone in advancing the Corps' and City's partnership in reducing flood risk and supporting the City's Balanced Vision Plan for the Trinity River Corridor Project. The Corps' press release and signed Record of Decision as well as the Final Environmental Impact Statement and the Final Feasibility Report are available online:

Corps' Record of Decision Documents
City of Dallas Memo regarding the Corp' Record of Decision
Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) Record of Decision
The Federal Highway Administration has signed the Record of Decision for the Trinity Parkway project. The schedule for completing the EIS and for construction of the Parkway, should a build alternative be approved, is pending further coordination with TxDOT and the United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE).

FHWA Record of Decision Signed
City of Dallas Memo re FHWA Record of Decision
The City of Dallas Trinity Watershed Management has received the John P. Ivey Higher Standards Award in the Community Awards category from the Texas Floodplain Management Association (TFMA). More information...

The Trinity River Photo Contest is underway and photo submissions will be taken until October 15. Schedule a visit to the Texas Horse Park, Trinity River Audubon Center, Continental Avenue Bridge and West Dallas Gateway, Trinity Skyline Trail, or many other areas along the river and send us your favorite pictures.

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Trinity Watershed Management continues the completion of Baker No. 3 pump station that is scheduled to open in early spring. Crews are completing the work on the large sump area behind the station. Recently, a performance test evaluated how many gallons of water were pumped per minute and the functionality of the pumps and associated technology - 700,000 gallons per minute. View performance test video
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