2016 Trinity River WInd Fest Memories
Giant Inflatable Puffer Fish "Photo Booth"

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       Wishing you a happy holiday and we look forward to serving you in the New Year 2017!

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Stormwater Fee Structure Changed October 1, 2016


The City changed the way that stormwater fees are calculated as of October 1.  The new stormwater rate structure is based on the size of your lot. The fee calculations are based on measured impervious area (hard surface area) for each property. The impervious area is measured from the most recent aerial photographs. Visit the City's new Web site to look up your stormwater fee and the amount of impervious area on your property at www.WhereDoesItGo.com.​

Remember, most customers will not see a significant change in their bills. 

August Waterbill Insert in English here
August Waterbill Insert in Spanish here

2016 Trinity River Photo Contest Winners

The winners are selected and we look forward to announcing them in 2017! Each year, a wonderful collection of photos are submitted for judging and this year brought amazing images of floodway vistas, colorful plants and elegant birds.  We look forward to showcases the forty-eights winners soon. 


Trinity Parkway Technical Committee Briefing

​Monday, March 21, 2016, the Technical Advisory Committee for the Trinity Parkway briefed the City of Dallas Transportation and Trinity River Project Committee with information on the recent initiatives from the Trinity Parkway Design Charrette.  Technical preparations moving forward are available in the links below:

Trinity Parkway Technical Team Proposal (Conceptual Development).pptx

Trinity Parkway Dream Team Report.pdf

Trinity Parkway Advisory Committee Report.pdf

​Trinity Parkway Technical Proposal Animation Fly Over March 2016

​Trinity Parkway Technical Proposal Driver Perspective March 2016​