MLK Jr./Cedar Crest Bridge Gateway

3400 Cedar Crest Blvd.
Dallas, TX 75203
MLK/Cedar Crest Bridge Gateway area features lighted icon towers, shade structures, stone benches, parking, and plantings. 
Photo By: Estela Ornelas

This gateway area, invites visitors and neighbors to the Trinity River providing a glimpse of the Great Trinity Forest and the natural meanders of the Trinity River. Immediately south of the bridge and adjacent to the river is the Upper Chain of Wetlands. This important flood protection project provides a continuous pathway for floodwaters during heavy rain to travel from just below Moore Park all the way to Great Trinity Forest Way (Loop 12), where the water then rejoins the main channel of the river.

MLK/Cedar Crest Bridge Gateway has enhanced gateways on both ends of the bridge with parking, walkways, decorative lighting, and landscaped areas.  These entrances on either side of the bridge serve​ as small pocket park-like places for people to easily walk or bike to the Trinity Outlook located near the center of the bridge. On the east side, the gateway is adjacent to a small park with basketball court and game tables.

A portion of the maintenance road is complete coming from the Lower Chain of Wetlands to the Upper Chain. Once all the bridges and accesses are complete, hikers and bikers can traverse through the Lower Chain of Wetlands to Moore Park and the Santa Fe Trestle Trail to the north and to Great Trinity Forest Way (Loop 12) and the southern portion of the Trinity Forest Trails network. the Texas Horse Park, Trinity River Audubon Center, and Trinity Forest Golf Course are situated in this beautiful area of the forest.   

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