Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge

Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge

The Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge is designed by internationally renowned architect and engineer Santiago Calatrava. This stunning bridge with a 400 foot center arch connects Woodall Rodgers Freeway seamlessly to Singleton Boulevard in West Dallas and the new restaurant areas such as Trinity Groves and Sylvan 30.

Besides providing the City with a signature structure and artfully changing the skyline, City, business and civic leaders are excited about the revitalization and economic development the bridge has spurred for ​the West Dallas neighborhoods and the catalyst it has been to bring people down to the river.  This new connection over the river has also helped foster unity across the north and south divide in the City.

Architecturally, the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge features a 400 foot steel arch with 58 cables radiating from it in a lyrical fashion.  The bridge architect and enginee is Santiago Calatrava and 

The exciting restaurant incubator community, Trinity Groves, is popular with people throughout Dallas for the food, music and attractive renovated buildings and community-style outdoor patios.  This area is flourishing with new employment opportunities while generating interest in further development within the community. Apartment complexes, new homes, cottage businesses, and shopping options such as Sylvan 30 all point to important economic development and growth for the West Dallas area.

The Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge first opened in March 2012 with a celebration of parades, a street fair, live music, fireworks and a ceremonial ribbon run as 40,000 people joined the weekend long festivities.

Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge Images







Opening 2012 - Bridge Fair Celebration

Firework extravanganza
Photo By: Paul Sher​man​​​
Caddo Indians with Bridge-o-Rama
Photo By: Caren Mack​​​
Crowds waiting to get on the brige
Photo By: Harry Rumberger​​​
Inspired to dance on the bridge
Photo By: Caren Mack​​​
Larry Gee Band gets down at the MHH Bridge Fair
Photo By: Caren Mack​​​
Lemonade, crowds and painted faces at the Bridge Fair
Photo By: Judy Schmidt​​​
Posing on the bridge
Photo By: Joanne Pratt Posing​​​
Thriving Minds group dance
Photo By: Caren Mack​​

Bridge-o-Rama Festival Parade of Giants

A West Dallas giant, Mattie Nash in the Bridge-o-Rama Festival's Parade of Giants.
Photo By: Kelly
Here comes Bridge-o-Rama Festival's Parade of Giants. The parade idea was created by the West Dallas Chamber and the giant figures were made in West Dallas. from Bridge-o-Rama!
Victor Considérant, who in 1855 founded the French-speaking La Réunion colony in the area we now call West Dallas.
Photo By: Jay Hoppenstein
Hattie Rankin, a church worker who was so moved by the poverty in West Dallas in the 1930s that she started the Eagle Ford Mission.
Photo By: Jay Hoppenstein
Lending a big hand
Photo By: Jay Hoppenstein
One of the West Dallas giants
Photo By: Andrea Cervantes Kelly
Outlaw and Texas Legend Clyde Barrow
Photo By: Jay Hoppenstein
Texas outlaw and gun moll legend, Bonnie Parker, was the girlfriend of fellow outlaw, Clyde Barrow. She is buried in Dallas, Texas.
Photo By: Jay Hoppenstein

Bridge-o-Rama Parade of Builders

Calatrava Student Constructors
Photo By: J Pratt
J. D. Abrams' team gets underway
Photo By: Harry Rumberger
Let's celebrate the bridge with Mayor Rawlings
Photo By: Caren Mack
Parade participants begin to line up
Photo By: Janie Rumberger
Santiago Calatrava and his family lead the parade
Photo By: Harry Rumberger
Townviews Drumline leads the parade
Photo By: Harry Rumberger
Tracey Friggle P.E. (r) and TxDot team
Photo By: Harry Rumberger
Williams Brothers Construction out in full force
Photo By: Harry Rumberger

Sunrise Dedication: Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge Fair Celebration

Aztec Dancers add to the sunrise dedication moment for the ceremony
Caren Mack
Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson speaks beside Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson
Photo By: Caren Mack
Dallas City Councilmember Monica Alonzo speaks at the ribbon cutting
Photo By: Caren Mack
Girl Scouts and XX help to dedicate the brdige
Photo By: Caren Mack
Mayor Mike Rawlings begins the Sunrise Dedication and Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge Ribbon Cutting
Photo By: Caren Mack
Mayor Tom Leppert, Mayor Laura Miller, Honorable Ron Kirk
Photo By: Frank Richards
Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson, Lyda Hill, Santiago Calatrava
Photo By: Caren Mack
State Representative Royce West (l) with XX and State Representive Dan Branch
Photo By: Caren Mack