Sylvan Ave. Bridge​

People walking across Sylvan Avenue Bridge 
The Sylvan Avenue Bridge is elevated completely across the floodway to offset future flooding of the roadway. One lane of the existing roadway at grade will remain to provide pedestrian and maintenance access across the Trinity River and between the East and West Levees.

Formerly, the Sylvan Avenue Bridge consisted of three separate bridges. Two of them crossing the east and west levees, and one low water crossin​g bridge over the Trinity River. The majority of the roadway was at grade in the floodway, and thus, became impassible during river flood events when the Trinity River flowed out of its banks. The new Sylvan Avenue Bridge between the levees is built above the 800 year elevation level.

​Sylvan Avenue Bridge features an elevated, six lane bridge with two six foot sidewalks on either shoulder. The ramp from the roadway down to the floodway allows both vehicular and pedestrian access to Trammell Crow Park and its soccer fields, as well as access to the boat launch, pond, and the Trinity Skyline Trail.

Sylvan Avenue Brid​ge

The Trinity River logo appears on the bridge columns of the new Sylvan Avenue Bridge.​
Under the bridge deck, the size of the six-lane bridge is evident.
 150916 Sylvan Bridge Columns_D Mimlitch.jpg
                  David Mimlitch's early morning photo shows the bridge columns with blue
                  mosiac bands.

Sylvan Ave Bridge Briefing