Trinity Lakes

The primary purpose of the Dallas Floodway is for flood protection and this diligent work focuses on the safety of neighborhoods and business districts. Taking a flood control solution and transforming it into an opportunity for community revitalization is helping to imagine a new future for Dallas. The Trinity Lakes region starts at the merging of the West Fork and the Elm Fork of the Trinity River and continues to the Santa Fe Trestle Trail in the south near Corinth Street and Eighth Street. This section of the corridor features scenic views of the downtown Dallas skyline while simultaneously providing broad expanses of land for a variety of outdoor activities.

Concept Drawing: Central Is Perspective Concept  
Central Is Perspect​​ive Concept

In the Balanced Vision Plan, the organization work was done to identify the five major components of the Trinity River Corridor Project and to envision the park amenities for each of the areas of the floodway appropriate to their natural land attributes. In the Trinity Lakes corridor, the following structures and amenities are envisioned:

  • Sylvan Avenue Bridge
  • Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge
  • IH-30 - Margaret McDermott
  • Urban Lake, 90 acres
  • Natural Lake, 60 acres
  • Eight miles of boardwalks
  • Central Island with shade structures
  • Natural seating and walking paths
  • Corinth Wetlands
  • An amphitheater with floating stage

Also in the Trinity Lakes corridor, picture beautiful bridges such as the Sylvan Avenue Bridge, Continental Avenue Pedestrian Bridge, Santiago Calatrava's Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge and the I-30 - Margaret McDermott Bridge, and exciting outdoor event opportunities. The City and its partners are working to return the river to a more natural state in this region by fostering the seasonal and emergent wetlands and the flow of the river as it makes its way down to the Gulf of Mexico.

The Trinity River Corridor Project is working to provide floodway improvements such as new pump stations, transportation connections, recreational amenities, as well as encouraging outdoor activities through special events.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​