Balanced Vision Plan

On August 9, 2017, the Dallas City Council amended the Balanced Vision Plan by approving Resolution 171200 which eliminates the Trinity Parkway Alignment 3C and directs for it to not be constructed nor part of the Balanced Vision Plan.

Originally, the Dallas City Council in 2003 approved the Trinity River Corridor Project's Balanced Vision Plan. This plan is the current plan leading all the teams working on this complex and multi-faceted project. It features a comprehensive and balanced concept that incorporates the five major components of the project - Flood Protection, Recreation, Transportation, Environmental Restoration, and Economic Development.

Trinity River Corridor Project

When visiting this page, keep in mind these documents were created in 2003 during Mayor Laura Miller's term of office. This information is available to visitors for historic purposes on the Trinity River Corridor Project Web site and it is recommended they are viewed as a cornerstone piece for the work that is ongoing today.

Flood Protection (15.6 MB)
The City of Dallas has been working closely with the U.S. Corps of Engineers to identify the design to restore the integrity of the levees to the 100-Year Flood Protection Level and the 800-Year Flood Level. Other Flood Protection projects include the construction of the $27 million Pavaho Pump Station (complete summer 2012) and the Lower Chain of Wetlands (completed fall 2009).
Environmental Restoration and Management (16.9 MB)
Within the 6,000 acres of the Great Trinity Forest, several environmental restoration projects are complete: Lower Chain of Wetlands that serves as flood control as well as environmental restoration and habitat for birds and small forest animals; and the Trinity River Audubon Center.
Parks and Recreation (18.5 MB)
Thirteen Gateway Parks are part of the plan for the Trinity River Corridor Project. They include: Moore Park Gateway, South Central/Joppa Gateway Park, William Blair Jr. Park Improvements, Loop 12/I-45 South Gateway, and West Dallas/Continental Avenue Bridge. New recreational amenities include the Trinity Overlook Park (completed 2008), Sylvan Avenue and Loop 12 Boat Ramps, Trinity River Audubon Center, Dallas Wave Whitewater Feature (under construction), and the Elm Fork Soccer Complex (under design).
Transportation (19.4 MB)
Transportation initiatives related to the Trinity River Corridor Project include the following: Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge (opening 2012), Margaret McDermott Bridge Design (I-30), Trinity Parkway, S. M . Wright Freeway Improvements, Sylvan Avenue Bridge, Industrial Boulevard (name change to Riverfront Boulevard in late 2009), Beckley Avenue Public Art Installation, other pedestrian oriented improvements related to trails and bike paths. Note: The Oak Cliff levee top road, as described in the originally approved Balanced Vision Plan from 2003, will not be constructed due to concerns from the U .S. Army Corps of Engineers. The Balanced Vision Plan document shown on the Trinity River Corridor Project Web site is presented in its original format without alteration.
Community and Economic Development (19.4 MB)​​​​